Eon invests €27 billion and plans to integrate 40 GW of new renewable power plants

German utility Eon SE plans to invest around €27 billion ($30 billion) by 2026 as part of its new growth strategy. Of this, around €22 billion will go toward expanding its energy networks »as the backbone of the energy transition« and five billion toward expanding its customer businesses.
The Group's European network companies operate networks with fixed assets of around €35 billion and with around one million connected renewable energy plants. Within the next five years, the company intends to connect an additional 35 to 40 GW of renewables to these networks.
In the mobility sector, Eon expects a rapid end to combustion engines and plans to build around 5,000 new fast-charging points by 2026. The company sees further growth potential in the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy. Its existing gas distribution network provides access to hydrogen, especially for small and medium-sized industrial companies.
Eon is also focusing on offers for sustainable living and working. »With new, innovative solutions and services around the energy system in homes with their own green power generation, heating and cooling as well as energy management,« the company wants »to bring the energy transition to the residential sector.« Details were not provided.

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