E.ON concludes agreement for use of 450 megahertz radio network

German Energy group E.ON has become the first company to sign a framework agreement for the nationwide use of services provided by 450connect, the operator of the 450 megahertz radio network. This includes services worth around half a billion euros ($ 527 million) until 2040. According to the agreement, E.ON network companies will be able to use 450connect’s services for their »crisis communication as well as day-to-day operations« from 2023, enabling them to operate independently of public fixed or mobile networks. The existing communications infrastructure is potentially unavailable in crisis situations, particularly in the event of widespread power outages, while the 450 megahertz network is considered much less vulnerable.
With this step, E.ON also wants to generally improve communication within an increasingly decentralized supply structure characterized by renewable energy plants. By 2040, the utility wants to be able to read more than one million smart meters via the new technology. Around 28,000 digital local network stations are to be integrated by the end of 2026.

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