Enphase Energy delivers »IQ 7« microinverters to the United Kingdom

US solar microinverter producer Enphase Energy Inc. announced the introduction of its seventh-generation »Enphase IQ« microinverters for the Enphase Home Energy Solution with IQ for the UK market. According to the company, IQ 7 microinverters produce 11 percent more power, and are 31 percent lighter and 15 percent smaller than Enphase's »M215« microinverters, which they replace. Compared to the sixth-generation IQ 6 product, IQ 7 microinverters produce 4 percent more power, and are 19 percent lighter and 16 percent smaller.
As reported, the company started shipping its »IQ 7 Micro« and »IQ 7+ Micro« in the United States in January. The 250 W AC Enphase »IQ 7« and the 295 W AC Enphase »IQ 7+« will be followed by a new, high-power 320 W AC variant, the Enphase »IQ 7X Micro«, to address 96-cell modules.

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