Enlight and Sungrow signed a 430 MWh energy storage contract

Chinese PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. and Israeli IPP Enlight Renewable Energy announced a joint agreement which in that Sungrow will supply Enlight with 430 MWh of its liquid cooled energy storage system (ESS). According to the company, the contract »is the largest ESS agreement signed to date in Israel, bolstering the country's energy transition and marking a massive scale-up in installations for the newly launched system.« Adding the 430 MWh project to its portfolio, Sungrow will gain over 50 percent of the Israeli market share in 2022.
Enlight Renewable Energy is focused on initiation, development, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy generation projects. The company operates in Israel, Europe and the United States, with a diversified portfolio of operating projects and projects under construction and pre-construction, with a total generation capacity of 2.2 GW and total energy storage capacity of 0.5 GWh. In addition, the company owns a 14.8 GW pipeline of generation capacity and 6.9 GWh of energy storage pipeline in various stages of development.
Last year the Israeli government introduced its goal of generating 30 percent of its electricity needs via renewables by 2030. Solar PV is expected to contribute to most of it, corresponding to 26 percent of Israel's renewable electricity in 2030, indicating 12 GW to 15 GW of new PV installations in the coming decade. Israel is currently aiming to develop an advanced solar-plus-storage system to ensure a stable and reliable electricity grid.

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