Engie partners with ANER to develop renewables in Senegal focused on PV

French energy giant Engie announces the signature of a partnership with ANER, the National Renewable Energies Agency in Senegal, to accelerate the development of renewable energies in the country. According to the company, the first part of this agreement involves the development of solar energy for individuals in multi-occupancy or individual housing. The aim is to study the initial deployment of these solutions to 11,000 households in the city of Dakar and its suburbs. The main focus will be on photovoltaic systems and solar water-heaters. »ANER and Engie will look into financing solutions for this equipment to facilitate their deployment to clients,« says Engie.
Furthermore, Engie will support the communities to balance the Senegalese electrical system and promote renewable energies, particularly by professional training actions and strengthening the local industrial network. The Group is also involved in the »Senergy« project, a 30 MW photovoltaic power station in the town of Santiou Mekhé, scheduled for commissioning in 2017.

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