Eneseed Hibiki energizes 20 MW Japanese PV power plant relying on Asahi Glass products

Japanese glass producer Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. (AGC) announced that a 20.5 MW PV power plant in Japan using its specialty glass technologies has come online in Japan. The Eneseed Hibiki PV power plant relies on PV modules that use AGC’s Leoflex technology, a chemically strengthened specialty glass, and Plalloy, a fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) material developed by AGC Matex Co. Ltd., one of AGC’s subsidiaries. The power plant, operated by Eneseed Hibiki Co. Ltd. is located in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture on Kyushu.
The PV plant uses a light-weight dual glass solar panel developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corp. The Mitsubishi module includes Leoflex, a lightweight and strong glass, on both sides of a panel and a frame made of Plalloy, a lightweight and rust-resistant material.
AGC claims that its materials are lighter and more durable than traditional materials and thereby improve the service life of the modules and reduce operational burdens during construction.

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