EnerVenue to open gigawatt metal-hydrogen battery plant in Kentucky

U.S. company EnerVenue Inc., based in Fremont (California), will build a factory for the production of its »Energy Storage Vessels« in Shelby County (Kentucky), which is expected to start production as early as the end of this year and initially have an annual capacity of one gigawatt hour (GWh). EnerVenue plans to invest more than one billion dollars in the coming years to build production facilities for a total of 20 GWh.
The »Energy Storage Vessels« are nickel-hydrogen batteries designed for stationary residential, commercial and grid-scale storage applications, and EnerVenue recently unveiled its second generation, which the company says is more scalable and configurable for specific applications. According to the manufacturer, the technology, which has been used in a similar form in space travel for decades, poses no risk of »thermal runaway,« the materials used are almost completely recyclable, and the cost per storage cycle is significantly lower than for lithium-ion batteries.

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