Enertrag enters the Spanish market and established JV with Texla

The teams from Enertrag and Texla (from left to right): Alberto Rodríguez López (Project Manager Spain Enertrag), Roland Bettscheider (Business Development Texla Renovables), Miguel Montero Bueno (Managing Director Texla Renovables), Gunar Hering (Member of the Board Enertrag), Tobias Bischof-Niemz (Division Manager New Energy Solutions Enertrag) and Aram Sander (Head of International Business Enertrag).

German project developer and green power producer Enertrag AG is establishing a joint venture with Texla Energías Renovables to enter the Spanish market. Accordingly, Enertrag has acquired a majority stake in a jointly managed project pipeline. The goal is reportedly to develop wind and photovoltaic projects in southern Spain: »Andalusia has the highest solar radiation in Europe as well as good site conditions for the use of wind energy.«
Texla brings knowledge in engineering, development, permitting, operations and asset management of wind, PV and CSP projects, as well as electrical infrastructure in Spain; Enertrag its expertise in financing, hybridization of renewable energy systems, and as well as experience in construction implementation.
The joint venture's project pipeline was pre-developed by Texla and includes 255 megawatts of wind and solar projects in Andalusia to be implemented over the next three to five years.

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