Enel and Brenmiller Energy inaugurate 24-MWh rock-based thermal energy storage

Brenmiller Energy Ltd, an Israeli manufacturer of storage systems, has joined forces with Italian energy company Enel to inaugurate a thermal energy storage (TES) system in the Italian municipality of Cavriglia (Arezzo province, Tuscany). The system is integrated into Enel’s Santa Barbara power plant, and the technology is designed to enable thermal energy storage on an industrial scale for commercial and industrial users.
During the charging phase of the TES, steam generated at the power plant is passed through pipes to heat adjacent crushed rocks; during the discharging phase, the accumulated heat is released to heat pressurized water and generate steam for electricity production. The TES system at Cavriglia can store up to 24 megawatt-hours of heat at a temperature of about 550 degrees for five hours. Integrating the TES system into the existing conventional power plant will allow Enel and Brenmiller to test the technology in practice. However, Brenmiller sees the main area of application in the renewable energy sector.
The project was partly funded by the Israel Innovation Authority, which supported Brenmiller with one million euros.

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