»By the end of 2017, PV could rival global nuclear capacity,« GTM

2017 is still going to be a record-breaking year for new solar capacity additions, expect GTM Research. The 81 GW expected this year are more than double the amount of solar capacity installed in 2014. And it's 32 times more solar deployed a decade ago, according to GTM Research's latest edition of the »Global Solar Demand Monitor.« In the year 2000, global installations totaled 150 megawatts.
By 2022, global capacity will likely reach 871 GW. That's about 43 GW more than expected cumulative wind installs by that date. And it's more than double today's nuclear capacity, says GTM. By the end of 2017, solar PV could rival global nuclear capacity. According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, there are 391.5 GW of nuclear plants operating around the world. When the year closes out, there will be roughly 390 GW of solar PV plants spread across the globe, according to estimates from GTM Research. »For the first time ever, solar power plants and nuclear power plants will be on equal footing.«

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