Encavis increases electricity production by almost a third

Encavis' »Talayuela« solar farm (300 MW)

Hamburg-based solar and wind power plant operator Encavis AG increased electricity generation from renewable sources by 29 percent in 2020, from around 2.66 terawatt hours (TWh) a year earlier to just over 3.43 TWh in 2020. This was mainly due to the »acquisition of further wind and solar parks« during the year, says Encavis. In fiscal 2021, revenue could still increase. In January, Encavis' »Talayuela« solar farm (300 MW) began feeding electricity into the grid. The »La Cabrera« photovoltaic plant (200 MW), which began operating last year, will also contribute its first full-year production in 2021 to the balance sheet.
The consolidated financial statements for fiscal 2020 are scheduled to be published on March 23.

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