Encavis AG acquires 300 MW solar park in Spain

Encavis' solar park Roitzsch, Germany

Germany based solar and wind park operator Encavis AG has acquired »the largest solar park in its history,« located near the Spanish town of Talayuela. According to the company, the facility with a generation capacity of roughly 300 MW is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.
With the solar park in Talayuela in Spain, Encavis AG will realize a solar project entirely without government feed-in tariff and targets to transfer the success of power purchase agreements PPAs that are common practice in the wind sector to the solar power market. The price for the electricity generated by the photovoltaic plant in Talayuela will be secured by an unnamed »highly creditworthy European customer at a fixed price over a period of ten years.«
The total investment amounts to roughly €225 million ($258 million). Encavis’s strategic partner Solarcentury will bear 20 percent of the investment and be in charge of commercial and technical management of the park. The plant is scheduled to be connected to the power grid at the end of the first quarter of 2020. The project was initially developed by Kompa Solaire SASU and Genia Global Energy Solutions, S.L. both engineering companies which develop and promote renewable energy projects for the spot market.

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