Eco-energy proportions in China downward again?

Solar power plant in China (in Gonghe, Qinghai province)

In their report »Energy Transition in the Power Sector in China: State of Affairs in 2016«, German consulting and research institute Agora Energiewende and the China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) present figures and findings on the transformation of China’s electricity system.
According to the report, renewables covered 25 percent of China’s electricity consumption, up 8 percent from 2010. During the same period, the share of coal power declined by 11 percentage points, but is still around 65 percent. Electricity consumption rose by 41 percent to 5,920 TWh, which is about ten times the electricity production of Germany. At the same time, gross national product increased by almost 90 percent. Against this background, the report indicates »a 17% improvement in the economy’s energy efficiency«.
In electricity production from renewable sources, wind and solar show the highest growth rates. Wind contributed 241 TWh (4.1 percent) to the country’s 2016 electricity consumption, PV contributed 66 TWh (1.1 percent). The most significant renewable source in Chinas electricity system is hydropower with 1,181 TWh (19.9 percent).
While the 13th five-year-plan intends a further doubling of wind and solar until 2020, there are no plans for a substantial increase of hydropower. Due to the intended capacity expansion for coal, nuclear and gas, the implementation of the plan would lead to a decline of the relative share of renewable generation capacities and production.
The report is available for download under the deeplink below.

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