Dutch labor inspectorate objects to 70 percent of inspected solar construction sites

The Dutch Labor Inspectorate (Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie) has found violations of the Working Conditions Act (Arbeidsomstandighedenwet, Arbowet) in more than 70 percent of the cases during some 150 inspections of construction sites for photovoltaic systems over the past year and a half. More than half of the investigations gave rise to follow-up inspections. The »common thread« in inspections and reports of accidents was fall hazards, according to the agency's statement. Violations such as improper transport of modules via ladders, lack of scaffolding, handrails or eave guards were noted.
In a year and a half, the labor inspectorate recorded more than 40 accidents, 80 percent of which involved falls through or from the roof. In more than half of the cases, victims suffered one or more broken bones, 20 percent resulted in head injuries and 10 percent in permanent damage. In the past three years, there have been four fatal accidents at solar construction sites in the Netherlands. The labor inspectorate announced that it would increase the number of inspections.

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