Duke Energy got bids of 3.9 GW for its 680 MW competitive bidding process for new PV capacity

A total of 78 projects bid 3,900 MW of solar capacity in the first tranche for US utility Duke Energy’s competitive bidding process for new solar capacity the company launched last year - with all projects offering energy prices below the company's avoided cost. The process, being overseen by an independent administrator, seeks to add 680 MW of new solar capacity in 2019. Projects can be built in North and South Carolina. Winners will be selected later this year.
In 2018, Duke Energy connected more than 500 MW of solar energy capacity to the grid in both states. According to the company, over the past four years, Duke Energy has connected more than 2,500 MW to its grid in the Carolinas, enough to power about half million homes at peak output. Recently, Duke Energy brought online the »Woodleaf« solar facility in Rowan County, N.C. The 6 MW facility is comprised of 30,000 solar panels on a 116-acre site.

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