DIW: Expansion of solar and wind energy must be multiplied

In order to meet the Paris climate protection targets, it would not be enough to reduce emissions in Europe by 40 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. Instead, they must be reduced by 60 percent, which can only be achieved with a strict transformation of the European energy mix, according to a recent model study by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). According to the study, in order to meet the Paris two-degree target, almost the entire electricity generation from solar, wind and hydropower would have to be met in 2040.
In order for CO2 emissions to be reduced sufficiently, fossil fuels would have to gradually disappear from the European energy mix and be replaced by renewable energy sources. The share of renewable energies in the European primary energy demand would rise to around 33 percent in the climate protection scenario by 2030. Solar and (onshore) wind capacities would have to rise from 120 and 190 gigawatts respectively at present to 990 and 790 gigawatts respectively by 2030.
Although the large-scale switch to renewable energy sources would cause transformation costs of around €222 billion ($243 billion), these would be exceeded many times over by the environmental and climate costs saved by CO2 reduction. »If we assume the savings of 180 euros per tonne of CO2 not emitted calculated by the Federal Environment Agency«, explains co-author Karlo Hainsch, »the climate and environmental costs saved by CO2 reduction by 2030 would amount to 1,381 billion euros.«
Plans must be drawn up promptly at both national and transnational level as to how the necessary investments in a sustainable energy infrastructure can be realised. Particularly in eastern Europe, energy production is heavily dependent on fossil fuels - »these regions need special support in the conversion to renewables«. There is also a need for action in Germany: »The recommendations and resolutions of the Coal Commission and the Climate Cabinet are not sufficient to meet the Paris two-degree target.«

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