Diversified Communications acquires Intersolar North America, event 2019 cancelled

The US trade fair and conference organiser Diversified Communications is taking over Intersolar North America and its accompanying events »Power2Drive« (E-mobility) and »EES North America« (storage technology). The previous organisers, German companies Solar Promotion International and FMMI (Management und Marketing International GmbH) are thus withdrawing from the US market.
According to an announcement, they intend to concentrate in future on their trade fair concept »The Smarter E« in Europe (Munich), also consisting of Intersolar, Power2Drive and EES, and »to grow our presence in the promising markets in Central and South America«. Intersolar also takes place in Mexico and changing South American countries.
For the time being, Solar Promotion and FMMI did not provide information on the Intersolar events in India and the Middle East, nor on the exact terms and conditions of the transfer of Intersolar North America to Diversified Communications. The only thing that is clear so far is that this year’s Intersolar North America, scheduled for July, will be cancelled and that the event will move from San Francisco to San Diego. There it will open its doors for the first time from 4 to 6 February 2020.

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