Denmark registered 18 MW of new PV systems in the past month

Denmark registered 18.3 MW of new PV systems in the period from Dec. 10, 2013 to Jan. 6, 2014, according to the latest statistics from Danish energy operator The country’s cumulative installed PV capacity has now reached 571.5 MW. Approximately 485 MW of the country's installed PV capacity is represented by rooftop PV systems up to 6 kW installed under the local net-metering scheme. The remaining 86.2 MW is represented by rooftop PV systems up to 6 kW and PV systems up to 400 kW installed after December 2012, when the country’s latest net-metering scheme was closed. These PV systems will probably have access to the future FIT scheme, according to a »transitional model« proposed by the government in March. According to this model, PV system owners that signed a contract for a ground-mounted PV plant before Mar. 20, 2013 or for rooftop projects before June 11, 2013 will have access to a FIT of 130 DKK (23¢) per kWh for a period of 10 years if the projects are connected to the grid in 2013 or a FIT of 116 DKK per kWh if the projects are completed in 2014. These projects, however, will only have access to the FITs if the European Commission approves the FIT scheme submitted by Danish authorities. Until then, these projects will get a FIT of only 60 DKK per kWh.

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