Delta updates M125HV inverter

Delta Electronics has launched an updated version of its 140-kVA three-phase string inverter. The M125HV Gen2 offers the same maximum power as its predecessor and a peak efficiency of 99.1 percent, but operates much quieter at 71.5 dB(A), the company says. The device is suitable for input voltages between 860 and 1,500 VDC with short-term voltage spikes of 1,600 volts. Up to 20 strings can be connected. The updated M125HV Gen2 inverter will be available »in selected European countries« beginning in Q1 2021, according to Delta.
Delta, founded in 1971, is a global supplier of switched-mode power supplies and thermal management products with sales offices, research and development centers, and manufacturing facilities in approximately 200 locations on 5 continents.

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