Cypress Creek Renewables replaced its CEO and other executives

US utility-scale solar farm developer Cypress Creek Renewables LLC announced leadership changes »to support the next stage of the company’s growth.« The Cypress Creek Board has appointed Sarah Slusser as chief executive officer and as a director on the board, Rebecca Cranna as interim chief operating officer and Kim Oster as interim chief strategy officer.
Slusser, Oster and Cranna will work with Cypress Creek’s board, senior management and teams across the company, to develop 3.7 GW and building 2.2 GW of solar projects in less than five years. According to the company, the new leadership team, all of whom are partners at Point Reyes Energy Partners, a solar advisory and development company, worked together previously at independent generator AES Corp. They bring to Cypress Creek »broad industry experience and a proven track record of creating value in their former leadership roles throughout the energy sector.« They each have held senior executive positions at companies, including AES, First Solar, Silver Ridge, Terraform Power and Terraform Global. Their expertise spans development, finance, construction, operations and asset management.
Matthew McGovern and Michael Cohen have stepped down from their management responsibilities. Ned Hall, who joined the Cypress Creek Board in 2018, succeeds Ben Van de Bunt as chairman of the board.

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