CS Wismar launches new modules up to 490 W

German module manufacturer CS Wismar GmbH is introducing three new formats for its glass/foil and glass/glass photovoltaic modules. Using half-cell technology and wafer sizes of 182 square millimeters, the new products reportedly achieve rated outputs of up to 490 W.
The smallest format (1,560 x 1,145mm / 19.5 to 23 kg / 350 W) was designed specifically for mounting on rooftops. With the medium format (1,745 x 1,145 mm / 22 to 26 Kg / 400 W), the company says it offers »a high-performance and aesthetic variant for the design-oriented premium segment.« The largest format of the new module generation (2,110 x 1,145 mm) is a solution for utility-scale systems.
The product launch will take place from Q1 2022, with data sheets and prices to be published at the end of September 2021. The first deliveries are scheduled for January. The previous module formats will be available in parallel until the end of 2022. The »Brilliant« and »Solrif« series will continue to be produced beyond that date.

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