Construction begins on Trina Solar’s 10-gigawatt n-type integrated factory

Following the start of serial production of »Vertex« solar modules and the announcement that it will expand production capacity for this series to ten gigawatts (GW) annually by the end of 2023 (our July 4 news item), Chinese solar group Trina Solar Co. Ltd. has now announced the official start of construction for a fully integrated solar factory in the »New Energy Industrial Park« in Xining (Qinghai province). The factory is to »cover almost the entire PV manufacturing chain from polysilicon production to modules based on 210mm and N-type technology.«
The plan is to have a production chain for 100,000 tons of »industrial silicon« annually by the end of next year (300,000 tons in the final stage by the end of 2025), 50,000 tons of high-purity silicon (150,000 tons in the final stage), mono-silicon for 20 GW (35 GW) and wafers for 5 GW (10 GW). This will supply the production of 5 GW (10 GW) of solar cells and modules, as well as 7.5 GW (15 GW) of »auxiliaries« for modules.

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