China’s PV exports rose steeply by 60 percent in 2021

PV project by Trina Solar in China

In 2021, China's PV exports surpassed $28.4 billion, growing about 60 percent from $18.23 billion a year before, according to the »China Global Television Network« (CGTN) citing the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The country’s annual output of polysilicon rose by 27.5 percent to 505,000 tonnes, silicon wafers by 40.6 percent to 227 GW, solar cells by 46.9 percent to 198 GW and PV modules by 46.1 percent to 182 GW. China has built 53 GW of solar capacity in 2021 and now has 108 GW of rooftop solar systems installed.
By 2060, China aims to have renewable energy, including solar and wind, account for 80 percent of its total energy mix, and its solar and wind generation capacity reach 1,200 GW by 2030.

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