China announced 168 PV projects totaling 14.7 GW

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and National Energy Administration (NEA) jointly released the 2019 first batch of grid parity projects for both wind and solar PV amounting to in total 20.76 GW. According to the consultancy Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory Co. Ltd. (AECEA), it is split into wind (4.51 GW), solar PV (14.78 GW) and so-called distributed trading pilot projects (1.47 GW). »The announced solar PV grid parity projects are distributed across 16 provinces. Guangdong with 2.38 GW taking the lead,« said AECEA. The 14.78 GW of PV consists of in total 168 projects, the average project capacity is approximately 90 MW.
»The latter surprises, given that the capacities of recent grid parity projects were in the triple-digit MW range, often between 200 to 300 and up to 700 MW large«, explained AECEA’ Director Frank Haugwitz. He assumes that the below 100 MW average capacity of these grid parity projects might have been influenced of last year’s module price erosion, as well, given that the majority of projects are within provinces home to comparatively high retail electricity tariffs, thus enabling the execution of such projects.
The in total 168 projects are being classified into 4 categories. »Surprisingly, a significant number of these projects shall not be grid connected and operational by the end of 2019, but rather stretch till mid 2020, September 2020, early 2021 and in a few cases even till 2023 like a 300 MW project in the Guangxi Autonomous Region. Such projects are to be built in up to three phases.«
In the context of 5.2 GW installed during the first quarter of 2019 and the 1st batch of 2019 grid parity projects (14.76 GW) means that as of today about 20 GW are considered confirmed. »However, taking note that a significant number of the 168 grid parity projects shall not be executed till the end of 2019,« AECEA maintains its recently lowered full year guidance of 32 to 34 GW.

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