Centrotherm gets order from Manz to deliver CIGS manufacturing device

German FHR Anlagenbau GmbH, part of the Centrotherm Group, has been awarded by German Manz AG »to deliver a number of sputtering systems for the manufacture of high-efficiency CIGS thin-film solar modules.« The systems are to be delivered in 2018 and commissioned in two fully integrated factories in China. The order volume is in the lower double-digit euro million range.
In January, German equipment manufacturer Manz has entered into a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. and Shenhua Group Co., Ltd. in the field of CIGS thin-film technology. Manz received an order for a CIGS production line with a capacity of 306 MW and another one for a CIGS R&D line with 44 MW capacity. The order volume totals €263 million ($282 million), according to a former announcement published by Manz.

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