CECEP announces 18.32% efficiency for solar cell using Applied Materials' technology

CECEP used Applied Materials' Baccini Esatto technology to improve the efficiency of its multicrystalline solar cell.

CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese state-owned company specializing in the research, production and installation of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, reports that its multicrystalline solar cell achieved a conversion efficiency of 18.32% in late December. The CECEP production line that produced the cell had been upgraded using Applied Materials’ Baccini Esatto technology, which enabled the standard production process to be upgraded with Fine Line Double Printing (FLDP). Through the application of Applied’s FLDP Esatto Technology, CECEP was able to increase the efficiency of its multicrystalline solar cell by 0.2%. The company did not say if the result has been confirmed by a third entity.

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