Canadian companies sue US over tariffs

Ontario-based Silfab Solar Inc., Heliene Inc., and Canadian Solar Solutions Inc., along with US-based distributor Canadian Solar (USA) Inc., filed the challenge at the US Court of International Trade in New York, regarding the 30 percent tariff set by the US government on PV import, according to the newspaper »The Star«. The companies state that the imposition of them goes against rules in NAFTA.
Furthermore, the European Union has sent the United States a demand for talks on compensation for steep US tariffs imposed on imported solar panels, according to news agency »Reuters«. The EU request said Germany was a major exporter and cited WTO rules under which it could demand compensation. The EU move follows similar steps by China, Taiwan and South Korea. In response to the US tariffs, China’s launched an antidumping and antisubsidy probe into imports of sorghum from the US. China is the main destination for US agricultural exports.

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