Canada invests in solar powered charging stations across Ontario

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canada's Ministry of Natural Resources announced a CAD 2 million (USD 1.5 million) investment in Sky Solar Canada Ltd. for a total of 12 solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations at five sites across Ontario. Three of the sites are located in Cobourg, one in Markham and one in Oxford Station. The charging stations are bi-directional, which means they will also be able to deliver energy from the battery to the electricity grid. The demonstration project will help identify economic benefits of bi-directional charging.
According to the announcement, this funding is part of the government's CAD 182.5 million (USD 138 million) investment to grow Canada's electric vehicle infrastructure »to make using electric and other alternative fuel vehicles easier and more convenient for Canadians.« Electric vehicles »play a key role in Canada's low-carbon future.«
Sky Solar Holdings with headquarters in Shanghai and New Jersey is a publicly traded global independent power producer (IPP) that develops, owns and operates solar parks around the world.
Sky Solar Holdings was spun out in a 2014 IPO from its parent company Sky Solar Group, and is independently operated and managed.

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