Californian start-up unveiles concept SUV with solar roof

California-based electric vehicle startup Humble Motors has revealed their concept SUV with a solar roof design they've named the »Humble One«. Instead of a glass roof, the Humble One has over 86 square feet (26 sqare meters) of photovoltaic cells achieving 540 W. According to the company, »this generates enough electrical power to increase driving range by nearly 60 miles a day.«
The Humble One concept SUV is 198 inches long (about 5 meters). It has been engineered to be as lightweight as possible at 4,000 pounds (about 1,800 kg).
The car has more than $20 million in reserved pre-orders, says Alex Bogicevic, Humble's engineering lead and a former executive for Ford. »Its US reservations increased 426 percent last month at a time that other electric vehicle overall US sales only grew by 12 percent.«
Charging is possible with sunlight, a standard household power socket, a standard EV charging point or an EV fast charge. Humble One will accommodate five people, says the company. Based on the internal battery, driving range will be up to 500 miles (about 800 kilometers) without sunlight. The price is $109,000 excluding tax and options. Humble expects start of production in 2024.

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