In California new homes are required to install solar panels starting in 2020

Starting in 2020, all new homes in California, USA, must incorporate solar power systems. The California Energy Commission (CEC) passed the measure in May 2018 as an update to the state’s 2019 »Title 24, Part 6, Building Energy Efficiency Standards.« The new standards now signed by the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) require »that all new homes under three stories high install solar panels« starting January 2020, and that »solar systems must be sized to net out the annual kilowatt-hour energy usage of the dwelling,« according to consultancy Wood Mackenzie. The codes also incentivize demand-responsive technologies, including battery storage and heat pump water heaters. It includes an exemption for houses that are often shaded from the sun. »For many in the Golden State, the solar roof mandate came as a surprise, as building codes aren't a typical venue for solar policy.«
An in-depth analysis on the new rules by CEC found that requiring solar would be cost-effective in all climate zones of the state, and that homeowners would save $40 each month, or roughly $500 per year, due to the new rules. »The codes are expected to add around $40 per month to a typical mortgage payment, but the costs are outweighed by an expected $80 per month in energy savings.«
According to Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables (formerly GTM Research) the analysis on behalf of the CEC found that statewide construction of single-family homes is projected to amount to 74,154 units in 2020, the first year of compliance. »Assuming the same number of single-family homes are built over that period, solar sales are expected to increase 14 percent over a four-year timeframe.« That amounts to an upside of nearly 650 MW compared to WoodMac's base-case forecast for the residential solar segment. »When multifamily homes are factored in, the total number of new dwellings increases to around 130,000 units in 2020.«
The solar industry currently installs around 150,000 solar systems each year on new and existing homes in California. Today, only 15,000 of those projects are on new dwellings.

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