BYD plans to significantly increase availability of »Battery-Box« systems

China’s BYD Company Ltd, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of battery storage systems, has doubled production capacity for its widely used »BYD Battery-Box Premium« system and plans to ship 250,000 units in 2022. That would be as many as have been sold worldwide to date. Last year, the company delivered around 100,000 systems to the European market alone.
BYD is »in a quite unique position« to increase production, the company said in a statement, because it can handle »nearly every component of our system – from the raw materials to the development and production of battery cells, battery packs and battery management systems and the delivery.« The company is currently expanding its lithium battery cell production capacity to 250 gigawatt hours annually.
BYD says it will be able to deliver the high-voltage versions Battery Box HVS and HVM, which are in great demand on the European market, much faster in the future, especially since an option very similar to the HVM will soon be available in the form of the new Battery Box-HV Compact (HVC); the Battery Box HVC is scheduled for market launch in the fourth quarter.

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