BYD announces new inverters »Battery-Box Premium« line

Chinese company BYD Co. Ltd. plans to launch the »Battery Box Premium« line, the next generation of its Battery Box, in the first quarter of 2020. The devices of the new series are based on lithium iron phosphate technology (LFP), are designed for emergency power supply and are suitable for both on- and off-grid use with simplified monitoring functions via internet connection.
A Battery-Box Premium HVS system consists of two to five battery modules connected in series. The capacity is between 5.1 and 12.8 kilowatt hours, and 38.4 kilowatt hours can be achieved by connecting up to three identical HVS devices. A Premium HVM battery box consists of three to eight battery modules, each with 2.76 kilowatt hours, which have a capacity of 8.3 to 22.1 kilowatt hours in series and a maximum capacity of 66.2 kilowatt hours with up to three identical Premium HVM battery boxes.
The Battery-Box Premium LVS is available from 3.8 up to 245 kilowatt hours. The LVL inverter is scalable from 15.4 to 983 kilowatt hours and has backup and off-grid functions that are suitable for both private and commercial applications.
The recently commissioned new production line will be expanded with the market launch and, according to the company, will supply three times as many battery box systems currently produced by BYD per month in the first production phase. Depending on requirements, production can be increased »up to ten times the number of systems per month.«

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