BSW sharply criticizes German draft law on electricity price brake

On the occasion of the draft law on the electricity price brake presented today (Tuesday, November 22) by the Federal Ministry of Economics, the German Solar Industry Association (BSW) has renewed its criticism of the project.
The BSW appeals to the members of the Bundestag and the Federal Cabinet not to finance the electricity price brake "through disproportionate interventions in the solar market and the revenues of solar system operators." For example, the cost of investments in new solar parks had "often increased by more than 60 percent" compared to 2020. The BSW therefore appeals to the German government to drop the plan for a revenue levy on photovoltaics or at least to use the leeway defined by the EU for this purpose.
The draft law provides for a temporary revenue skimming for commercial operators of solar power plants with a capacity above one megawatt.

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