BSW expects »longer-lasting solar boom« in Germany

According to a survey commissioned by the German solar industry association BSW and conducted by research institute YouGov among around 1,000 property owners, three quarters of all private households in Germany that have a roof suitable for this purpose are considering building a solar system - either PV or solar thermal or a combination of both. 20 percent are planning to do so in the next twelve months. Of those who consider purchasing a PV system, 80 percent want to combine it with battery storage.
Against this background, BSW expects »a longer-lasting solar boom«, driven primarily by private households. Although interest among commercial investors is also high, it is being held back by »disproportionate requirements for grid connection, too much bureaucracy in the approval process, and overly restrictive auction conditions» (in tenders for larger rooftop systems).
The »Business Climate Index« for companies in the PV industry, which is regularly surveyed by the BSW together with Intersolar Europe, was 149 points in the fourth quarter of this year, just above the previous all-time high of 148.9 points in the second quarter of 2022. At 146.3 points, the assessment of business expectations marked the highest value since recording began in 2005, while the assessment of the current business situation was 151.7 points, the second highest level ever recorded.

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