BSW calls for improvements in solar package I and »resilience bonuses«

The German Solar Industry Association (BSW) is again calling for improvements to the legislative package with amendments to the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) and other energy regulations – the so-called Solar Package I, which was introduced in the federal parliament (Bundestag) on Thursday. Although the legislative initiative contains »many good reform approaches and energy turnaround accelerators,« overall these cannot sustainably secure the doubling of the pace of photovoltaic expansion over the next three years targeted by the German government. This would require further measures to accelerate procedures, compensate for increased financing costs and reduce bureaucracy.
In order to accelerate the »reestablishment of gigawatt-scale solar factories in Germany,« the BSW proposes that additional costs for the acquisition of solar plants »Made in Europe« be compensated for a transitional period and to a limited extent by including so-called »resilience bonuses« and auctions in the Renewable Energy Law (EEG).

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