British NGET to unlock 1.5 GW electricity capacity for renewables

British energy company National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (NGET) will unlock 1.5 GW of network capacity by using modular power flow control technology (»SmartValv«). According to the company, »this will be enough renewable energy to power 1 million homes.«
NGET is installing SmartValve on five circuits at three of its substation sites in the North of England, which makes 500 MW of new network capacity available in each region. »This technology will help to decarbonize the UK electricity grid by allowing greater volumes of renewable power to be efficiently transferred to customers.« As more renewable generation comes onto the network, depending on the weather, power flows change and circuits become unequally loaded, meaning some circuits reach maximum capacity while others are still well below their limits.
The sites, at Harker in Carlisle, Penwortham in Preston and Saltholme in Stockton-on-Tees near Middlesbrough, were identified as needing a solution to solve bottlenecks of renewable power. Installing modular power flow controllers at these sites allows NGET to provide National Grid’s Electricity System Operator with the tools to quickly reduce the congestion that limits renewable generation, with minimal impact on communities.
Following these initial installations at the three sites, National Grid is looking to extend the capability at Harker and Penwortham in the Autumn. This could mean freeing up an additional 500 MW of capacity, enough to power more than 300,000 homes, says the company.

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