British climate change denier in the German Bundestag

Shortly before the start of the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai (COP28), the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag held a public hearing on Germany's international climate policy. The experts invited by the various parties all called for more efforts to achieve the Paris climate targets, with different emphases. Only the extreme right-wing populist AfD used the event to provide a stage for the British politician and activist Christopher Walter Monckton. Monckton, a member of the British Conservative Party until 2010, then of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the Brexit Party, has been an internationally active advocate of the position that there is no man-made climate change for years. The AfD had already invited him to a Bundestag hearing in 2019.
At the event on Monday (November 27), Monckton claimed, among other things, that it is not true that the populations of poorer countries are more affected by climate change. Rather, they were suffering from the West's refusal to provide loans for urgently needed coal-fired power plants. The parliamentary groups in the Bundestag can issue invitations to hearings at their own discretion. Although reference is made to »experts«, there are no formal requirements, for example regarding the scientific qualifications of the persons invited.

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