BNEF presents key figures on the U.S. energy market in 2021

Market research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has compiled key data on the energy market on behalf of the U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Energy. The now tenth edition of the »Sustainable Energy in America Factbook« counts a record volume of investments in clean energies, despite the Covid 19 pandemic: At $105 billion, this represents growth of eleven percent.
Electricity generation from renewables increased by 4.1 percent, but overall they still only contribute 21 percent of total generation (up from 20 percent last year); natural gas has the highest share (38 percent), followed by coal (22 percent) and nuclear (19 percent).
In terms of new generation capacity, however, photovoltaics dominated for the third year in a row with a new record of 24.2 GW (2020: 18.6 GW), ahead of wind power (13.0 GW). PV thus also accounted for nearly 54 percent of the total new power generation capacity of 45 GW connected to the grid. A good quarter (6.2 GW) of the newly installed solar power plants were generation facilities for private and commercial electricity consumers (»customer-sited solar«). The report is available for free download (after registration).

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