BlueSky Energy launched »Vigos« storage system

The Austrian storage manufacturer BlueSky Energy GmbH has developed a new outdoor storage system called »Vigos«. It has been designed for temperatures from minus 30 degrees Celsius to plus 50 degrees Celsius and can withstand rain, snow and frost. The device is scalable from 18 to 96 kilowatt hours and is delivered ready for connection. According to the company, Vigos has a service life of up to 20,000 cycles and can be charged and discharged several times a day due to its high performance and cycle stability. BlueSky Energy offers a ten-year warranty.
Due to the high charging and discharging performance, the storage system could optimally cut peak loads and charge electric vehicles within »a very short time.« The storage is emergency power, island grid and black start capable. In the event of a power supply problem, the system automatically switches to a separate circuit in less than 20 milliseconds and supplies the consumers. In off-grid regions, the system enables »completely energy self-sufficient living.« The energy sources can be combined with heat and power units, photovoltaic and wind power plants or diesel generators.
BlueSky Energy was founded in 2012 and is located in Austria, Belgium and the USA.

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