BlueSky Energy chooses production site in Austria

BlueSky Energy management (v.l.: Hansjörg Weisskopf, founder and managing partner; Helmut Mayer and Thomas Krausse, CEOs; Horst Wolf, managing partner)

The Austrian BlueSky Energy GmbH wants to manufacture battery cells for its saltwater-based electricity storage systems on their own in the future and to this end wants to build a factory in Frankenburg, Austria for €5 million ($## million). So far, the company had considered a production site either in Austria or in Germany.
The first cells are to be produced as early as autumn, and serial production of up to 30,000 battery stacks per year, each with a capacity of 2.5 kWh, is to start in 2021. BlueSky Energy plans to hire 80 new employees in the areas of electrical engineering and assembly for this purpose. The production machines have already been ordered, according to an announcement from June 25. The factory is partly financed by profit participation rights, which can be subscribed since April. By mid-June, however, only around 40 percent of the total volume of 1.5 million euros had been achieved. The original subscription period of the end of June was therefore extended to the end of September.

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