BIPV module from 3S with cells in G12 format

3S Swiss Solar Solutions AG presents the new »TeraSlate« module as the successor to its »MegaSlate« system for building integration. The most important change to the BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics) module is the use of solar cells in the currently largest series format G12 (210 mm edge length) and thus an overall larger format as well as a higher output also in relation to the area.
The module is available in four sizes. Compared to standard rooftop modules, the new formats remain small and range from 875 by 720 to 1,300 by 935 millimeters. The output of the four size categories ranges from 110 to 225 watts, and efficiencies are 18.8 to 19.6 percent. TeraSlate meets European fire safety standard EN 13501-5 and requirements as »hard roofing« (BRoof t1). 3S provides a one-year warranty on 97 percent of minimum output and 25 years on 80 percent. The product warranty is valid for ten years, plus a weather resistance warranty for 40 years.

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