Belectric has commissioned 60 MW solar farm for EDF in Israel

German Belectric Solar & Battery GmbH has built another photovoltaic plant in Israel on behalf of French utility EDF. According to the information now provided, it was already put into operation »in the spring.« The 60 MW project is located in Timna. Yield is forecast at 145 gigawatt-hours annually.
Belectric is also currently installing one of the largest floating PV plants in Israel on behalf of EDF. The 19.3 MW power plant is being built in northern Israel near Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot on a water reservoir for fish farming. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2021. Belectric will also provide operation and maintenance (O&M) for both projects. Through its subsidiary Belectric Israel Ltd, the company says it has already installed more than 30 solar projects in the country with a total capacity of around 500 MW.

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