Bboxx and telecom provider Orange to establish mini-grid model in Republic of Congo

Bbox Ltd, a British provider of power supply solutions in off-grid regions of developing and emerging countries, has entered into a partnership with French telecommunications company Orange S.A. and its subsidiary Orange RDC, to build local island grids in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For this purpose, Bboxx has established a joint venture with local EPC company GoShop, which will build hybrid systems for the electrical supply of the infrastructure of Orange RDC. At the same time, the systems, which are 85 percent powered by photovoltaics, will supply the respective community via a local mini-grid.
A first plant in the village of Bakuvu was inaugurated in early July. Bboxx plans to connect more than 600 households to the mini-grid by the end of the year as part of its »Connected Community« program. The cooperation with Orange also includes the installation of smart metering platforms for consumption billing via the Bboxx operation control system »Bboxx Pulse«. This will enable the mini-grids to be remotely monitored at low cost and consumption billing to take place via »pay as you go« systems.
Bboxx says it plans to work with Orange »in the coming months« on 24 more projects across Congo that will provide access to electricity for around 150,000 people.

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