BayWa r.e.prepares construction of green hydrogen system in the Netherlands

German BayWa r.e. AG is continuing to explore the potential of green hydrogen for cutting carbon emissions with its SinneWetterstof Hydrogen Pilot Project in the Netherlands. The company and its Dutch subsidiary GroenLeven are partnering with the Netherland’s network company Alliander on the project, which was launched in autumn 2020. The project partners have recently finalized their cooperation agreements and have now started preparations for the construction, and commissioning of the hydrogen system.
According to the company, energy from a 50 MW solar farm will be converted into green hydrogen with an electrolyser in times of overproduction. With this hydrogen solution, generated energy can be stored locally. »The project will additionally test the extent to which a hydrogen electrolyser can follow the generation profile of a solar plant and, in doing so, how its flexible load can solve grid congestion issues,« says BayWa. The construction is expected to be completed by the end of August and fully operational by late 2021.
BayWa r.e. has signed an agreement with Orangegas, supplier of green fuels throughout the Netherlands, for the purchase of the green hydrogen from the SinneWetterstof project. Orangegas will distribute the hydrogen to various filling stations throughout the Netherlands.

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