Baywa r.e. supplies electricity from two innovative solar power plants to Velux

German roof window manufacturer Velux has commissioned renewable energy company Baywa r.e. to build two solar power plants in southern Spain. The plants near Seville and Granada, which are estimated to generate 167 gigawatt hours annually, are scheduled to go into operation in 2023 and 2024. Velux will purchase 80 percent of the yield via power purchase agreements.
Baywa r.e. plans to work with universities such as the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universidad de Córdoba »to form an interdisciplinary research group whose findings will ultimately inform a comprehensive and bespoke site strategy.« This is to ensure that the interests of neighboring communities are taken into account in the best possible way.
Moreover, ten percent of the Alhendín solar farm near Cordoba is to be implemented using an agri-PV concept, in which single-axis tracked, taller rows of modules with extended spacing from one another allow even large machines to operate on the site. The module rows will also serve to collect rainwater.

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