BayWa r.e. commissions two floating solar power plants in the Netherlands

41,1 MW FPV in »Sellingen«

German BayWa r.e. AG and its Dutch subsidiary GroenLeven have commissioned two floating photovoltaic (FPV) power plants in the Netherlands: the 41.1 MW »Sellingen« plant and »Uivermeertjes« with 29.8 MW. These are the two largest FPV plants outside Asia, says the company. BayWa r.e.'s floating PV portfolio currently comprises eleven projects in Europe with a capacity of more than 180 megawatts.
The plants in Sellingen and Uivermeertjes were »designed in particular with biodiversity and water quality conservation in mind, as well as for minimal impact on the lake environment,« according to BayWa r.e. Both floating PV parks were built at the deepest point of the lake to protect the flora and fauna on the shores. The system used does not cause any negative impact on the surrounding environment, according to recent studies by Hanze University of Applied Sciences and initial research by Buro Bakker/AKTB. Details of the technology used, investment and yield were not provided. According to Benedikt Ortmann, global director of solar projects at BayWa r.e., floating PV »has a key role to play« in implementing the global energy transition and accelerating the expansion of renewable energy.

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