BayWa r.e. built 14.5 MW floating PV plant in the Netherlands

German project developer for renewable energies BayWa r.e. Renewable Energy GmbH, together with its Dutch partner GroenLeven, has built another floating solar park (FPV, floating PV) in the Netherlands. The »Sekdoorn« project near the city of Zwolle has a total capacity of 14.5 MW. According to the company, due to the self-designed system in partnership with Zimmermann PV-Stahlbau GmbH, the installation of almost 40.000 solar panels was done in the short time span of six weeks.
After the completion of the 2 MW »Weperpolder« project and the larger »Tynaarlo« plant with a capacity of 8.4 MW, »Sekdoorn« is the third floating solar park BayWa r.e. and its partner GroenLeven have realized in the Netherlands. BayWa r.e. is planning the construction of further floating PV projects in the country with a total output of around 100 MW. According to Benedikt Ortmann, Global Head of Solar Projects, the company is »already working on floating PV projects in Germany, France, Italy and Spain – the potential in Europe is indeed significant.«
In a current study, the Institute for Solar Energy Research has quantified the potential for floating PV installations on decommissioned coal mining lakes at 15 GW in Germany alone. A study of the World Bank Group identified a potential for Europe of 20 GW if only 1 percent of the surface of man-made freshwater reservoirs will be used.
According to BayWa, there are already support schemes in place for such installations in the Netherlands as well as in France. »In Germany to date this has only been discussed on the sidelines, involving their possible integration within the announced innovation tenders for renewables and storage.«

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