Bavaria's minister president wants nationwide solar obligation on new buildings in Germany

Markus Söder, Minister President of German state Bavaria is calling for a nationwide obligation to build solar systems on new buildings in Germany. Initially, there should not be a photovoltaic obligation for Bavaria alone. Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) has opposed this, according to a report by the news agency »dpa«. If there is not this obligation country widely, one will call »the topic in Bavaria again«.
Söder had presented a 50-point catalog of measures in his Bavarian government statement on climate protection held on July 21, 2021. These are to be set out as »climate targets« in the forthcoming amendment to the »Bavarian Climate Protection Act«.
The main measures in the field of renewable energies include the installation of 1,300 photovoltaic systems on state owned roofs. In addition, it is planned to double the subsidy for private solar systems from 10,000 to 20,000 houses and to promote 40,000 units of solar battery storage. In addition, Bavaria is planning an unspecified »PV offensive« for the installation of solar systems »along highways, on noise barriers, enclosures, on road surfaces and parking lots« as well as a strengthening of agri-photovoltaics.
In a paper distributed by Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger on the occasion of the government's climate protection declaration, it is stated that the aim is to »improve the framework conditions« for photovoltaics. »The addition of ground-mounted PV plants should, if possible, take place on agriculturally disadvantaged areas or along highways and railroads, so that no high-quality areas are lost.« In terms of agri-PV, Bavaria is planning »a pilot project,« although this was also not specified. To implement all measures from the climate protection catalog, Bavaria wants to provide €1 billion ($1.2 billion) in 2022 alone, and a total of €22 billion by 2040.
Bavaria's Green caucus leader Ludwig Hartmann was critical of the government's statement. He heard little that was new, Hartmann told the «Süddeutsche Zeitung«. Basically, since the beginning of Söder's term as Minister President, »one announcement has followed the next« with regard to climate protection. He added that no more was known about the long time announced new Bavarian climate protection law than before the government's statement.

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