Axitec launches hybrid inverter »AXIhycon« for its own battery storage systems

Axitec Energy GmbH & Co. KG from Böblingen, Germany, is launching a new series of hybrid inverters. »AXIhycon« consists of four power classes with input power for the battery and output power on the grid side of five, six, eight and ten kilowatts (kW). The recommended maximum solar generator output is 8, 9.6, 12.8 and 16 kW. Each device has two MPP trackers.
The hybrid inverters are suitable for lithium-ion batteries with a voltage range of 120 to 600 volts. The maximum charging and discharging current of 25 amperes (A) for the two smaller devices and 50 A for the larger devices is high enough to make good use of the maximum charging capacity. The European efficiency of the series is between 97.87 and 97.51 percent. The efficiency when charging and discharging the battery is specified at 97.32 to 97.5 percent. However, this only applies to a charging capacity of between 75 and 100 percent. Below this, as with all Li-ion batteries, it is significantly lower.
The device has a backup output for selected devices with a total output of ten kilowatts. Axitec specifies the response time of the UPS as less than ten milliseconds. After a power failure, the AXIhycon can be black-started.
Axitec only sells the hybrid inverters in combination with its own Li SV1 and SV2 lithium iron phosphate battery series, as Product Manager Felix Wagemann explains. This ensures that the inverter and battery communicate well with each other. Both systems are coordinated in such a way that they work together optimally. In the event of problems, there is only one contact person who is responsible for the entire system.
The AXIhycon series is available immediately and can be ordered from all Axitec dealers.

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