Axitec announces new 410 and 540 W modules

Axipremium XXL-HC

German Axitec Energy GmbH & Co. KG is launching two new high-performance modules »AXIpremium XXL HC« (silver/white) and »AXIblackpremium XL HC« (black backsheets/black frame). According to the company, the half-cell modules will be available worldwide with both 108 and 144 cells. Power ratings are 410 W as well as 540 W. The 108-cell module has a glass area of less than two square meters and may therefore be installed on buildings in Germany. The 144-cell module with 540 W is designed for larger commercial and utility-scale systems. The company noted, »that the glass area is larger than two square meters, so this module may not be installed on buildings in Germany and only up to a height of three meters« in ground-mounted systems.
The product launch has been announced for the second quarter. In the course of the year, even higher outputs should be possible, said Managing Director Steffen Wiedmann.

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